Tips to Help when Designing Custom Made T-shirts for a Business

The image of a business is an essential element that should be safeguarded at all times. The image is displayed in different manners like the employee’s dress code, the way they behave, etc. We have businesses that custom make unique garments for their use as a way of safeguarding their image. A company can choose different dress codes for different occasions such as an official dress code for use on weekend and a casual wear for the weekend and when working outside the office. During promotions, the company can custom make a t-shirt and use it as a marketing tool. There are several T-shirt printing companies in Charleston SC which specializes in this kind of a job. To gather more awesome ideas, click here to get started

When designing a custom-made t-shirt for the company, here are tips to follow. Here’s a good read about custom shirts charleston sc, check it out!

What is the purpose of the custom made T-shirts? Custom made t-shirts can be in several designs, and each design has its own use.

Consider the fabric to be used when custom making the t-shirts. Factor in the type of printing to take place before coming up with the right fabric. Fir instance, you will find that the ideal fabric for screen printing may not be the right one for embroider. If the fabric is light-weight, embroidering or custom making it to contain many wording or company’s logo may not be the right thing. Also consider the weather conditions of the location of the business or where the t-shirts will be worn most. A good example is a t-shirt made with a heavyweight fabric as it will not be the right one for use in hot areas or coastal areas. Choose a lightweight t-shirt for use in coastal areas like the ones made by Palmetto Blended based in Charleston SC.

Factor in the color of the t-shirt. In deciding which color to use, think about the colors of the company. Try to match the color of the t-shirts with the business colors so as to have some uniformity. The purpose of the customized t-shirt will also help in choosing the colors, e.g. if the garment is required to support a particular event that has its own color theme, then the printing can be adjusted to fit the theme of the day. Other determining factors when it comes to colors is the color of the logo. Try not to have the same t-shirt co lour as the same color with the logo. E.g., you cannot have a green logo and still use a green fabric for the t-shirt since the logo will not be clear and visible. The wording son the t-shirt and the font to used will also guide in choosing the color of the t-shirt. Choose a different font color from the colour of the t-shirt so the message on the t-shirt can be visible enough. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.

Lastly, work with the people who will use the t-shirts, an in this case the employees of the company so as to have their views on what they would like to have.

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